Enterprise Analytics and Business Intelligence

aXiom Zorn collects both individual and community data, analyses it, processes it so as to provide historical, current and predictive views of your business operations.

At aXiom Zorn, we know that gathering and aggregating data is resource intensive especially in terms of Project Management, time and cost. If data is gathered professionally, it can be leveraged by different development partners in not only reducing the time spent in trying to access the beneficiaries but also in accurate decision making for interventions based on available and accurate data.

aXiom Zorn has a growing database with:

358,000+ smallholder farmers

3,600 Extension workers

214 aXiom Zorn agents

3,000 agro-dealers

135 Veterinary Officers 

140 agro-input suppliers

120 interactions on the Fertilizer Optimization tool, daily

100% Digitized soil maps & soil characterization for all farmers

200+ interactions on the Market Linkage App, daily

48% Smallholder farmers scoring above 50% on Progress out of Poverty Credit Score

Diagrammatic representation of aXiom Zorn's key solution.

  • → Quick enrollment of beneficiaries.
  • → Integrated systems.
  • → Decision making platform.
  • → Real-time data displayed.
  • → Office Management.
  • → Update project reports.
  • → Evidence based solutions that allow for increase in production.
aXiom Zorn in a nutshell

Profiling solution.
→ Data Collection using mobile devices.
→ Integration.
→ Analysis.
→ Dynamic Baseline.
→ Report & Support.

Digital Solutions.
→ Big Data Analytics.
→ Over-laid digital soil maps.
→ Drone & Satellite enabled weather data.
→ Fertilizer Optimization Tool.
→ Data Visualization.

Efficiency in Management.
→ Real-time communication for customer, field staff and office.
→ Customer tracking.
→ Route Management (Optimization & Tracking) of field staff using GPS.
→ Book & record meetings; track & follow-up meeting proceedings.
→ Performance Monitoring.

DARB, a B2B platform.
→ Credit services
→ Insurance services
→ Markets
→ Extension & Advisory Services
→ Farmer & Agent Certification.

Credit Scoring.
→ Financial Inclusion.
→ Assesses viability of the beneficiary for credit and / or insurance.
→ Identifies payback strategy.
→ Mitigates risks.

About Us
aXiom Zorn is a one-stop enterprise offering Data as a Service solutions for institutional clients and service providers. We ensure that projects use and get authentic data that drives their businesses..
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aXiom Zorn Value Added Services

Soil Mapping

We have an inventory of soil types and the corresponding interpretations that we extracted from our database to facilitate map overlays of any targeted districts or sub-county in Uganda. This can be leveraged to inform both crop suitability, the corresponding soil management practices and an overall land use type to priorities.

Fertilizer Optimisation Tool

aXiom Zorn leverages and incorporates the Fertilizer Optimization Tools available per region as part of its approach for farmer-friendly recommendations into prudent fertilizer use. This therefore helps to inform decision on how to maximize net returns to fertilizer use among the farming community.

Short Message Services

From our service center interface, aXiom Zorn supports its clientele in the delivery of tailored Short Message Services (SMS) to beneficiaries. Information flow is required by several projects particularly in the areas of marketing, fostering production techniques and other information. For instance through leveraging our in-house data, information can be dispatched to farmers on suitable planting dates per season for the different crops.

Weather alerts and Agronomic Tips

Just as seen with the SMS, aXiom Zorn delivers short message alerts on weather to support farming and post-harvest handling decisions. The service bundles are modeled from Geo-data feeds into weather and specific agronomic messages that are generated based on the information (satellite technology) from data partners. The agronomic tips on the other hand are generated in consultation with scientists from National Agricultural Research Organization who translate the satellite-based information into agronomic practices required of the farmers during the production season.

Market Linkages App

We take advantage of our databases of the different stakeholders and the different value chains to link the different players e.g. bulking centers, agro-input dealers, off takers, and the other related SME’s in marketing agricultural products at different sub-counties and farmers through an app.

Credit Scoring

aXiom Zorn has also ventured into an alternative vetting of unbanked communities for financial access by leveraging on their farmer level and household economic data to rank potential borrowers. This credit scoring model is at dispersal of the client.

Crop Insurance

We are able to support the provision of insurance against crop loss attributed to unmanageable risks through our on-season monitoring approaches throughout crop production cycle and our partnerships.

Digital payment systems and warehousing receipts (E-Voucher System).

We support digital payment platforms where farmers can be paid through mobile money and a token issued to them which is in the form of a warehouse receipts for record purposes. This in turn can also work as collateral by some financial institutions which can allow the farmer to receive funds to work on the produce.

authentic data that drives change

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