Our Portifolio

In our 6 years of existance we have been fortunate to have partnered and worked with a number of organisations on several different projects.
Centenary bank (2021 - To date)

We consider it a privilege to contribute significantly to the bank's digital journey. Our contribution entails establishing partnerships with financial institutions to deliver a robust digital solution, specifically designed to meet the credit needs of farmers and business owners (SMEs). By leveraging profiling techniques and establishing financial linkages, we aim to empower these individuals in their investment endeavors. We firmly believe that by meticulously gathering essential client information, such as biodata, agricultural details, farming expertise, business location, type, and financial data, we can accurately assess their financial capacity and identify growth and decline patterns. This approach allows us to facilitate access to sufficient credit, while simultaneously mitigating risks associated with the loan process in the long run.

Uganda Investment Authority (National SME Portal) (2022)

In collaboration with the Uganda Investment Authority, we have made significant contributions to the development of the National SME Portal. Through a tripartite partnership involving aXiom Zorn, Uganda Investment Authority, and Vantage Communications, we have provided a range of services, including comprehensive profiling. As part of a pilot project, we successfully profiled over 3,000+ SMEs actively involved in business activities, an activity aligned with the National Development plan (NDPIII).

International Rescue Committee (IRC) (2022)

In partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we provided qualitative research consultancy services for the development of community-based approaches in early childhood development and economic recovery and development in Yumbe, Lamwo, and Kyegegwa.

Abt Associates (ICAN) (2021 - 2022)

Effective project implementation often necessitates field monitoring in order to achieve project objectives. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the adoption of remote monitoring solutions has become essential for efficiently managing project implementation, especially for initiatives targeting communities.
To address this need, we tailored our field force monitoring solution to suit the requirements of Abt Associates' Integrated Community Agriculture and Nutrition project. This customized solution enabled the reporting of both scheduled and unscheduled field activities. Throughout the project duration, we successfully recorded over 6,000 entries, each geo-tagged and accompanied by relevant media attachments. These entries were submitted by a diverse user base of 500+ individuals

Standard Bank group (2021)

During our collaboration with Standard Bank Group (Stanbic Bank) of Uganda and South Africa, we undertook the profiling of more than 2,000 farmers. Through our meticulous assessment process, we determined their eligibility to acquire loans.

NIRAS (CASA) (2021)

In partnership with NIRAS, we actively participated in the Commercial Agriculture for Smallholders and Agribusiness (CASA) program. As part of our involvement, we successfully conducted the profiling of over 50,000 farmers.

This profiling enabled the project to gain valuable insights into the farmers' needs and capabilities, facilitating targeted support and interventions. Additionally, we developed a customized monitoring and evaluation system specifically tailored for the CASA program to track and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), project deliverables, and other relevant metrics.

Heifer Uganda (2020)

aXiom Zorn partnered with Heifer International and Edukans, through the HPI project, to provide consultancy services for the development of a centralized database for the Learn for Agribusiness (L4AB) project. Working closely with Heifer Uganda, we conducted a profiling project in Dokolo district, capturing data from over 3,000 farmers engaged in sesame, sunflower, and bean cultivation, as well as two farmer organizations. This initiative was designed with the purpose of providing interoperable real-time information to offer insights that stimulate growth