Field force

Ascertaining facts on your field implementation has been made easier with Field Force Solution. .

Get Picture and GPS tagged monitoring solutions from one place and comfortably achieve the objectives of that project with ease. The Field Force Management Solution will automate all the activities that occur beyond the four walls the project offices at the comfort of you of your desk, enabling timely scheduling, timely decisions and timely interventions.

Project implementation often times requires field monitoring to be able to meet project objectives. Our field force provides a remote solution for managing field teams, and provide real-time reports with evidence of photos and GPS of the field activities.

The solution provides support for field work monitoring and validation of activities executed by the field officers of a company, organization or project.

In order to ensure cost effective implementation and monitoring of the activities of the field officers in direct contact with the target community, innovations such as picture solutions under the field force provide timely reports regardless of the remoteness of the area. It involves recording of the key visual indicators of an activity in the field in terms of pictures and granular data using officers' phones and Tablets. This can be tailored to capture brief reports on attendances of target beneficiaries and captured GPS location of such activities that enhance precise reporting of field activities by the officers.