About Us

Experience Excellence with aXiom Zorn: Your Ultimate Data as a Service Partner. Empower Your Business with Authentic Data Driving Success. Our Comprehensive Database, Culled from Diverse Ugandan Regions, Fuels Informed Decision-Making. Elevate Your Strategy Today.

At aXiom Zorn, we know that gathering and aggregation of this information is resource intensive especially in terms of project management time and cost. To curb this, we have built a database of over 406,012+ beneficiaries in Uganda.

This database can be leveraged by different development partners reducing time spent in trying to access the beneficiaries but also informing accurate decision making for interventions based on available and accurate data. aXiom Zorn provides data tailored to the requirements of the user/client. At Axiom Zorn, we are a forward-looking team that uses information and communication technologies to drive decision making in various sectors like agriculture, health, and nutrition.

We focus on profiling various groups of beneficiaries across the African continent collecting information about them. The data includes but not limited to biodata; production data; livelihood data; needed for the design and development; implementation; monitoring, evaluation and learning of a wide array of developmental projects.

We connect decision makers (project donors/funders and implementers) to a real-time dynamic data, analytics, trends, statistics, through platforms that use and to reflect the accurate business and implementation information to development partners around the world.

Our interventions are powered by dynamic dashboards and GPS mapping that allow for advanced visualization and geospatial analysis. This ensures the integrity and easy validation of the data we produce. aXiom Zorn has a strong managerial team composed of various skill sets: Project Managers, M&E, ICT, Agronomists, Finance and Investment specialists to mention but a few. In addition to this is a network of regional coordinators, field agents and extension workers.

A proper working machine comprises of different parts to aid the success of its functionality. aXiom Zorn is no exception to this and boasts of a very exemplary team that has aided its success though out the years