This is a mobile based weather index and micro-health insurance package that is specifically designed for smallholder farmers subscribed to on a seasonal basis.

The product comes in handy to offer relief from shock and distress on farm production and productivity as a result of weather extremities such as excessive rainfall, drought and illness leading to crop and sometimes life loss which under normal circumstances would leave them helpless and in losses.
aXiom Zorn designed an insurance bundle based on the needs we have identified interacting with farmers data over time.
The AZ bundle insurance cover is made up of two insurance policies i.e; whether index insurance and micro health insurance in order to provide the smallholder farmers with the most effective household financial security in times of weather shocks and ailments. The insurance cover is provided as measure for mitigation of unforeseeable eventualities that impact a farming household particularly those attributed to weather vagaries and health emergencies
Farmers in need of profiling and visualization for other services can per take of the bundle that enables the model to support financial requirements for collecting and managing data while the farmers are also positioned to benefit in compensations in case of weather irregularities and any form of hospitalization arising from sickness, accidents and other health needs.
The AZ bundle subscriptions are seasonal basis accommodating smallholder farmers possessing 1 – 5 acres of land.