Market linkages

Provides and aggregates current market information from different parts of the country for the different crop enterprises all under one platform for easy accessibility and use

DARB market linkages is a platform that feeds off the data generated in the system seasonally and offers a focal point for; Traceable produce and producers, service consumers and a common market for Agribusiness.
The market linkages platform has a dedicated application developed and used among the last mile agents to ensure farmers can update their actual harvest in terms of quantity, variety, at the end of the season. The off takers and other categories of produce buyers accessing the DARB are meant to have paid access of any report of interest on the produce from across the regions.
The market linkages platform encompasses different categories of users as below;

  • Individual: This can be an individual farmer, retail person or any other individual with Agro produce to sell. The platform enables you to post and market your Agro-produce and search for any other product.
  • Agro input dealer: This can be a registered and verified Agro input shop/center/manufacturer. The platform enables you to post and market Agro-input products and search for any other product.
  • Agribulker & Agro processor: These are registered bulking centers/stores/warehouses or Agro processing plants that bulk and purchase produce from different farmers or individuals for bulk sale or value addition The Platform enables you to post and market Agro produce and search for any other products.
  • Agro machinery and equipment: These are registered companies/businesses selling retail and wholesale Agro machinery and farm equipment. The platform enables you post and market products and search for any product as well.