Sme zone

A common market place for small and medium enterprises which provides access to information that matters to your business by becoming part of the SME zone. Small scale operations should not be the distraction to visibility, access to information, technology, finance and market. The SME Zone eases and improves this.

The cycle of creating linkages within the Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau (DARB) is never complete without involving the micro, small and medium enterprise. The MSMEs supply products and equipment’s to farmers but also obtain agricultural produce in terms of raw materials from the same farmers thus making them an important category of players in the value chain that can’t be left out. These entails majorly input suppliers and producer aggregators that provide market for farmers produce but also sell.
aXiom Zorn profiles MSMEs onto the Digital platform and the profiles generated create insights into the viability of the of business. This provides the;

  • Business profile
  • Credit score
  • Measurement on business performance hence
  • Potential credit worthiness