dAnalyst - Profiling Beneficiaries

dAnalyst: our in-house solution.
dAnalyst is our data management, analysis and presentation ecosystem that powers the innovation and research into the impact of data on business and project delivery.

dAnalyst is a personalized and customized business intelligence tool that consists of key features like:
→ the visualization module which decodes raw data collected from the field into simplified visual tools like graphs and charts for easy M&E and analysis;
→ the reporting module which gives a user the ability to download a structured report in different formats like XLS, PDF, PNG and CSV;
→ the user management module adopting a tiered user access and management medium providing ability to manage user access to various resources in the system;
→ the data integration module that cleans, analyses and aggregates data from different sources to conform to a unified view;
→ the device compatibility module which incorporates responsiveness and usability of the systems on handheld device such as tablets and mobile phones;
→ the app engine module which provides a service based architecture for plugin app extensions; and
→ the application programming interface (API) module which acts as an intermediary to support multiple and real time access of data.

Our approach to profiling beneficiaries.
We focus on profiling various groups of beneficiaries by collecting data about them. The data includes, but is not limited to: bio data; production data; livelihood data; access to technology and services like finance, insurance; and specific location. This is data that is needed for the design and development; implementation; Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning of a wide array of developmental projects.

Our profiling entails working with our wide network of field agents to compile bulk information aimed at uncovering prospects in any one situation where our stakeholders identify themselves with the beneficiary, or topic in question and are stimulated to think of appropriate, wholesome and sustainable strategies.

Our profiling, therefore, includes comprehensive capturing of evident-based metrics, digital/GPS mapping and real-time parameters aggregated to enhance more individualized and timely interventions. Data may be small but big in combination and that is the reason our profiles are geared at enforcing extrapolative, prescriptive and cognitive data analytics.

Our Agripreneurial Agent Network Model.
A network of field agents – youths of the community are recruited as core agents, trained and deployed under different projects to collect data.

The structure includes over 212 agents, 4 regional coordinators and enumerators spread across the country.

The core agents bring onboard other peers – youth and women through training as last-mile task force to reach out to communities in larger geographical spread.

aXiom Zorn supports the agent network in the identification of opportunities along value chains that agripreneurial agents claim for sustainability.

dAnalyst can be accessed through our Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau (DARB).

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