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aXiom Zorn automates organisations’ Field Force Management so as to track their field force in real-time from a desktop or mobile; receive automated reports and alerts; and Geo-tag location/ attendance with performance analysis. Our automated Field Force Management solution helps organizations that send their staff into the field, to optimize their processes and data.

aXiom Zorn works with over 214 agents across Uganda and uses the automated Field Force Management solution to manage the vast team that collects our data. All data is validated and locations Geo-tagged. Our agents capture field and service information in real-time using communication technology on handheld gadgets such as tablet PCs and mobile phones. The captured data is then transferred instantly to back-end systems. This instant capture of information reduces time delays, avoids the errors that are caused by double manual data entry and enhances field force productivity.

Availability of field information in real time helps businesses plan accurate delivery schedules, reduce inventory, and control the work field workers are engaged in. Field management is an important aspect of business when it comes to maintaining customer relations, improving the skills of the field workforce and limiting the size of the workforce. It streamlines the flow of work orders throughout the organization which includes the creation of service requests; scheduling and dispatching field staff; tracking of service level agreements and inventory; advanced mobile capabilities; and forecasting how future workloads will be distributed. All this is data that can be collected with the automated Field Force Management solution.

Overview of the automated Field Force Management Application from aXiom Zorn. 
With each passing day, we are becoming more and more mobile. From our personal to professional lives everything can be now done on mobile phones. And that’s true for field management as well.

Our automated Field Force Management solution is able to handle work order management and customer communication. Instead of telling the field agent where to go next, they will be able check their mobile app to find their next assignment. This saves time and also eliminates the need for supervisors to call Field agents manually. Our automated Field Force Management solution also enables easier communication with customers. If there is any delay, they can send a message to alert the customers that they will be a little late.

Features of aXiom Zorn’s Field Force Management solution.
Booking client meetings and dispatching tasks.
Field force automation application creates a platform where managers and executives are made aware of all the organization’s customer meetings and the supervisors are able to dispatch tasks to the field agents directly from the app.

Instant Updates.
Supervisors are able to send updates to all or to a single field agent. In turn, the field agents are able to update information from the field in real-time.

Supervisors are able to keep an eye on all the activities carried out by their team, in the form of client meetings, GPS location, etc. Our Field Force Management solution is able to generate MIS reports. The customized reports generated through surveys and customer behavior then help management plan future strategies.

Meeting Scheduling and Dispatching.
The most important aspect of our automated Field Force Management solution is workflow management. This feature takes care of meeting scheduling and dispatching of your field agents for onsite services. Based on the field agent schedule, the management team can automatically schedule them for new meetings as they come in. Once they are scheduled, the field agent is automatically notified about what and where their next meeting will be.

The application can distribute meetings based on the severity of the issue and dispatches field agents based on the previously scheduled job. This ensures that they are not driving to the same area multiple times.

Case, Contact and loan Management.
Tracking and monitoring your customer service is the most difficult thing to do. This is where our Field Force Management solution helps you track and monitor the customers. The customers make requests and the agents records them to get a solution.

Route Planning (GPS and GIS integration).
Another important feature available in our Field Force Management solution is GPS enabled tagging and route planning plus mileage metering to enable efficient use of fuel allocated to the agents to complete a following set of tasks.

Our Field Force Management solution automates all the activities that occur beyond the four walls of your office. It’s robust planning, and scheduling capabilities provide the ability to adapt to changes throughout the day. This helps your organization to save cost and time that would have been otherwise wasted on inefficient activities.

Data-Driven efficiency.
The numerous data captured with the help of analytics gives your organization an insight into the location with the highest priority and opportunity locations. As such it allows putting in place most effective strategies on how to manage the different places on a case by case basis.

Informed Decision making.
Our Field Force Management solution streamlines communication and collaboration between the head office and the front-line by facilitating the capturing and sharing of data. Supervisors are able to use the data captured by the field agents to review the effectiveness and efficiency of front-line operations continuously.

Employee Engagement.
We have found that employees who use mobile and social technologies are not only more productive but are also more creative than those who don’t. Our automated Field Force Management solution empowers front-line workers to execute common tasks, communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, save time and provides them with more friction-less and satisfying employee satisfaction.

Field Force Management solution is one of the services you can access through our Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau (DARB). Follow this link to explore the DARB.

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