Frequently Asked Questions

What is aXiom Zorn?

Axiom Zorn is a data enterprise offering Data as a Service (DaaS) and integrated ICT solutions for institutional clients and service providers in the fields of agriculture, agri business, health, nutrition and education.

What does aXiom Zorn do?

We ensure that projects, programs and businesses get and use authentic data to drive their decision making. We use mobile and web data collection application that is analyzed to achieve quick decision making.

Does aXiom Zorn offer training services?

Yes, aXiom Zorn offers agents’ training services, mainly in data collection and extension services.

How does aXiom Zorn get its data?

Data collection is done through the use of an agent network which constitutes youthful members of the community motivated by technology and renumeration for validated data collected.

Does aXiom Zorn offer loans?

No. However, we help beneficiaries access credit and insurance services. This is through our Progress out of Poverty Credit Score which assetizes a beneficiary’s profile, making them more visible to finance and insurance service providers.

Does aXiom Zorn help me find market for my produce?

Yes we do. This is done through our Digital Agricultural Reference Bureau which presents a platform where farmers meet not only buyers but also sellers and Agro-input dealers.

Does aXiom Zorn work with donor agencies?

Yes, aXiom Zorn works with donor organisations as one of our main categories of stakeholders besides project implementing institutions, and researchers. Data and other services we provide for such institution include a platform of potential beneficiaries that they can leverage thus reducing time that they would require for carrying out baseline studies, fast community profiling leveraging our netork of agents, impact evaluations, data analytics and visualization for quick reporting during project implementation and after,monitoring and evaluation and learning,training among other services. Besides all the services, the beneficiaries introduced to us can always take advantage of our value added services such as POP credit scoring, soil mapping, fertilizer optimization, SMS and IVR services.

How does aXiom Zorn protect personal data?

Protection of personal data is deeply rooted in our core values, first by the National Data Protection Act 2019 which is one of our guiding documents for day to day operations, and secondly by our internal institutional policies. aXiom Zorn offers its services in an office with an official address at Wildlife tower on plot 31 Kanjokya street, Kampala. The offices are accessible by authorities such as the National Information Technology Authority(NITA), a body that oversees our operations. We have strict data sharing policies for partners with whom we work including NDAs and consent forms for data providers. We have a professional team established on data management trainings and refresher courses in addition to the technical team charged with cyber security for all systems supporting our operations. 

What does the name 'aXiom Zorn' mean?

An aXiom is a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for  further reasoning and arguements. The word comes from the greek axíōma(ἀξίωμα ) that which is thought worthy, fit or that which commends itself as evident.

Do the services of aXiom Zorn only target farmers?

No. Our services target any communities of beneficiaries. These can be farmers, medical officers, SMEs, teachers.

Can I ask aXiom Zorn for advice?

Yes, you can ask aXiom Zorn for advice about data and agents training.

How accurate is the data provided by aXiom Zorn?

At aXiom Zorn, we recognise the information gap between institutions, service providers, inventors/innovators and product users especially the farming community. As such, we collect data from the bottom of the pyramid using a local network of agents. we also obtain our data from the local community, enrich it with secondary data from recognised institutions like the National Agricultural research organization and aggregate it to enable service provision, information flow, and inventions/innovations at the top of the pyramid

How can aXiom Zorn help me as I plan to start farming?

Our crop weather index will help you predict the right timing of the rains. Our Fertilizer Optimisation Tool will help you determine the fertilizer requirements of your land. Our digital soil maps will help you identify the most suitable type of crop to plant in your area.

Does aXiom Zorn offer advisory services?

Yes, aXiom Zorn offers advisory services in a number of fields including agriculture, data management, project management as well as system use, security and financial literacy. These packages are provided basing on client needs and through an organised arrangement. Where need be, we outsource our advisory services to suit the needs of our clients. Advisory services are usually channeled via our USSD-enabled, sms and IVR services, agent networks as well as  our interactive network of Extension and Veterinary service providers, market linkages applications and  pysical training by our team.

How authentic is the data provided by aXiom Zorn?

aXiom Zorn data is ultimately authentic as it gets through several stages of validation and refinement. We collect geo-tagged informaton with key parameters validated in a number of ways including; Ground truthing by a team of co-ordinators at regional, district and sub-county levels; strict data validations procedures using online and offline systems such as Quantum GIS, analytics tools such as power BI amongst others. We are also establishing partnership with the National Information Registration Authority to support the practical use of authentic national information for better services.

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