Data Services

Data Services hosted in the Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau (DARB)

Real-time and actionable UAV data

Besides agents, we employ ICT-driven tools and technologies to enhance decision making through accurate, reliable and timely information. Supported by Artificial Intelligence and drones used by the agent’s to support:

→ Tracking of Pests, disease threats and their trajectory.
→ Soils and drainage analysis for sustainable land and soil management.
→ Assessments for Agricultural insurance, claims forensic and compensation.
→ Cluster mapping the fields with GPS to ascertain productivity and potential yield.

Visualizations and Reporting

Our visualizations and reporting system provides data that informs business decisions and has the flexibility to explore and discover stories in your data.
It includes:

Insightful Monitoring
Our mission is delivering real-time impact data.

Data story telling
We believe important decisions require the necessary data.

Training Services

aXiom Zorn offers training in data administration where interrelated disciplines include skills sets, goals and values  packaged for clients operating in a data driven environments.
We train and support teams at different levels of data management; including training on data collection,  data processing and analytics, information development and management, systems architectures and use.

Field Force Management system


Our Field Force Management system anchors all field activities with the purpose having more control over the productivity and execution of tasks of the field work team in terms of time, field expenses, reporting, and reaching out to clients in right location. The tool helps the management to remain in contact with field staff while they are at work on the field i.e. it helps to track the field personnel in real time, as they log in and enter their attendance using a smartphone, assign them that particular day’s task remotely using a web console or the manager’s smart smartphone.

The Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau (DARB)

The Digital Agriculture Reference Bureau is an ICT powered platform (system) that brings together isolated production activities of smallholder farmers and businesses of agro-dealers to a common place where services of larger enterprises such as banks, insurance firms, and the government can be channeled to support the improvement of agricultural production as well as agribusiness.

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