About Us

aXiom Zorn focuses on four  main categories of project stakeholders: Beneficiaries, Funders, Implementors and Researchers.

We connect decision makers (project donors/ funders and implementors) to real-time dynamic data, analytics, trends and statistics through platforms that use data to reflect the accurate business and implementation information.

Our interventions are powered by dynamic dashboards and GPS mapping that allow for advanced visualisation and geospatial analysis. This ensures the integrity and easy validation of the data we produce.

Core Values

  1. → Creativity
  2. → Respect to clients
  3. → Integrity and honesty


  1. → Digitization of the lower pyramid to increase community visibility and access to services.
  2. → Compressing the supply chain to enable efficiency, effectiveness,transparency traceability, and accountability.

aXiom Zorn focus areas

Data Collection

The data collection is handled using an industry standard format of the Open Data Kit (ODK) and, as such is very translatable.

The forms are deployed on smartphone devices with no need for Internet services to fill themout. Agents can reach the most remote areas without access to the Internet; only location services activated on the phone. Location is verified using GPS technology.

The data collection tool is designed to be simple to use and easy to adopt, facilitating the backbone of the entire data collection process.

Data Presentation

The data presentation layer is divided into 2 major services: Dashboard and Reporting. All information at aXiom Zorn is aggregated and stored in the database. The dashboard helps provide access to all this information and added functionality. It is the central place that partners can use to access data and reports.

The dashboard is built with an Application Program Interface (API) first approach to facilitate separation of concerns and isolate functionality from the look and feel. Optimization for mobile as well as accessibility has been taken into consideration to support a wide array of devices.

The dashboard is built with an advanced role-based permission system to avail different levels of functionality for the various users of the system. The roles are granular across use case and level of access for each user, for each function.

Users of the dashboard have easy access to all the information as well as data on the move.

Reports can be custom built from filters that the user specifies, with a variety of formats in which to download the data. The reporting functionality has been extended to offer downloads of graphs for the specific indicators selected.

Service Interface

The service center is a plug-gable interface that allows custom services to be designed for the users in the databases.

These services can range from messaging to voucher redemption and can be customized to the particular needs of the client for the specific group of people in question.

The service center is an app store for aXiom Zorn to provide extra functionality against the data in the database and avail all this to you in a simple interface with a single access.

The functionality that can be plugged into the service interface is limitless.

The aggregation of all system components makes it possible for development partners to have oversight of ongoing activities while accurately measuring the impact of interventions they might be interested in tracking.

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